Boom Beach is the most popular game

Many rumors saying there are ways to hack and cheat on Boom Beach without paying any money. Is this true? We wanted to know!

Our first research on YouTube and on Google brought us to a website called They had a german version of the boom beach hack. Since we are american and we can’t speak any german it was difficult to understand. After contacting some german people they were willing to help us to figure out if this really works.


The interface of is very simple and easy to understand. One the first page you are seeing the Boom Beach generator, which is also called hack. They are claiming this tool will generate as much free diamonds on your iOS or Android account asy ou want. How to think about that? Scam or really working?

First we were told to enter our username, choose our operating system and enter the amount of diamonds we would like to have on our smartphone. We just did it. There was absolutely no fear about our account getting hacked or abused. We were kinda tricky, because before we did it we created a whole new account without any items on it. There was no risk for us, since we had nothing to lose. It couldn’t be any easier actually. The next step was too press the generate button. A process started which we had no idea about. At this moment we got a little bit nervous. Was it really possible a boom beach hack tool exist and also works? In the end we know: YES.


We got all the diamonds we were promised to get. What are you waiting for? You should also the Boom Beach hack on If you think it is hard to understand because it is full in german, you should consider to use a translation software like Google Translator or Bing. The developer of this website told us they never know how long a hack tool like this will remain working. As you know Supercell, the developer of Boom Beach, are updating the game lots of times. There is a small risk they could fix some bugs, which would prevent the game to get hacked probably.